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polo  -  Stockbridge  |  Start : 01-Nov-2016  |  Last Reply: 18-Sep-2018  |  Views: 4189
Hangout & Texting Lady Friend
Hi, I am seeking a female for friendship in Stockbridge or McDonough area. At times I feel lonely, no friends. I am a male in mid 30s. we can start with texting, and if we are comfortable we can meet up. I hope to hear from a similar person who is lonely and need company. Thank you,
  By : RajAtlanta      18-Sep-2018   HI I am Raj here. I am interested in being your friend. Can you please reply me to Confidelity assured and expected. Have a great day. Raj 
  By : nrahul599      21-Aug-2018   Hey Rita / KirtiRani, Are you still looking for friends? Just msg me at 
  By : polo      22-Jan-2018   Hi Rita, Thank you for the reply, please call or text me @ 678-719-2986. There is no contact information of yours to reach out to you. I will look forward for your reply. Thank you, 
  By : Rita      20-Jan-2018   Hey, contact me. I'm interested. Hope I don't know you already - :). I can only be a text friend. Not sure about hangouts but will see.  
  By : bablu0603      23-Oct-2017   hi, Howz going on  
  By : polo      21-Jun-2017   Hi, I just saw your response today. I live off 224 exit. Can you please email me? So, that we can talk further. Thank you, 
  By : KirtiRani      13-May-2017   Hi there! I recently moved to stockbridge as well. Where do you live and work at? Thanks  

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