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A Huge Turnout at the 41st SAI HEALTH FAIR at the Global Mall, Norcross, GA

By Mahadev Desai
Pics.by:Ravi Ponangi and Vinod Devlia

SAI Health Fair in coordination with Georgia Indian Nurses Association (GINA) hosted 41st SAI Health Fair at the Global Mall, Norcross, Georgia, on Saturday, March 23, 2019. The Health Fair was organized by Dr. Sujatha Reddy as a tribute to the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and also to promote his philosophy of Non-violence, community service and Social justice. It was sponsored by Sangisetty Charitable Organization and also strongly supported by health care professionals, nurses, and doctors.

From early morning, over 250 people attended the Health Fair for blood tests and also availed themselves of the free consultancy in 11 specialties by over20 committed, dedicated and widely respected experienced physicians, supported by seven nurses, technicians and courteous service-oriented volunteers.
Over 150 costs –effective, basic quality comprehensive Chemistry profile of blood tests with HBA1c were carried out at a nominal fee of $30 per test. The lab work was provided by RDx Bioscience. It is noteworthy that the results of the blood work were mailed within ten days with instructions to be followed at the free clinics as mentioned in the covered letter. The test results helped identify some life threatening results which were immediately notified to the participants

Over 90 EKGs were carried out by Emory Southern Heart Specialists and Cardiovascular Group,Lawrenceville,GA. Over 15 Audio screenings were done by Dr.Sridhar Krishnamurthy, Auburn University, Alabama.

Peripheral Bone Mineral Density screening tests were in big demand. More than 46 bone-density tests were performed by a team of Madhu Reddy, and Medical student volunteers under supervision of Dr.Sujatha Reddy. About 22 were abnormal. These bone density tests helped the participants about awareness of osteopenia and osteoporosis.  

Suasan G.Komen’s Alicia Gibbs and Ronda Gedward

 Susan G. Komen Atlanta organizations' Alicia Gibbs and Ronda Gedward gave out very useful informational material and advice on breast cancer awareness and mammograms, while advice on Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Smoking, Exercise and nutrition was given by Raquel Merced from Southern Regional.
Stroke Risk Factor education was provided by GINA President Vidya Kanagaraj and her team. Stroke is a leading cause of death in the U.S. also called a brain attack, a stroke occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. Time is critical in preventing long term damage so the patient must be taken to the hospital immediately.

Owen Wu, a Georgia State University student, who is doing a Pre-medicine major did commendable volunteering throughout the Fair.

Free consultations were provided by dedicated, committed and widely respected medical specialists in internal medicine:Dr.Syamala Erramilli,Dr.Shyla Reddy,Dr.Darshan Vyas,Dr.Jay Sampat,Dr.Vijaya Vaddireddy;Dr.Uma Jonnalagadda; cardiology:Dr.Sreeni Gangasani,Dr.Raji Reddy,Dr.Niraj Sharma,Dr.Lalitha Medepalli,and Dr.Neelagaru; nephrology:Dr.Vijay Vyas,Dr.Vandana Niyyar,endocrinology: Dr.Geetha Soodini; E.N.T.: Dr.Shrinath Nadig and Dr.Trushna Rao;Opthalmology: Dr.Indira Menon; Dentistry: Dr.Supriti Balyan;gastroenterology:Dr.Kavitha Gopal;gynecology:Dr.Sowmya Reddy, pediatrics: Dr.Rani Chebrolu; physical therapy: Ram Shahani; psychiatry: Dr.Rohini Reddy, audiology: Dr. Sridhar Krishnamurthy from Auburn University, who all interacted with patients through free consultations.

atlanta Cradiologist Dr.Sreeni Gangasani with patient

Snacks, fruits and drinks were provided to all the participants by Crescent Pines Hospital, Stockbridge, and lunch to all the doctors, nurses, technicians and volunteers was provided by Swapna Restaurant.
Publicity coverage was carried by Khabar magazine, NRI Pulse, Telugu Patrika, Wownow, Rashtradarpan, Desi-express, and Atlantadunia. Ravi Ponangi, Dr.Jay Sampat, and Mahadev Desai, helped with the media coverage and digital photography.

GINA President Vidya Kanagaraj commented,” GINA is honored to be able to continue to collaborate with SAI HF to serve the community. It’s great to see that we are able to reach more people each time and provide a much needed service to the community.”
Manoj Barot of Narayan Seva Sansthan,(NSS), remarked, “The efforts and coordination by Dr. Sujatha Reddy to put together SAI Health Fair is absolutely remarkable. The services offered by the SAI health fair are very vital and could be life saver for many who otherwise wouldn’t get an opportunity to get medical checkup.Dr. Sujatha Reddy reminds me of Florence Nightingale who brings the light of ‘hope’ for many families and especially for parents who are on visitor’s visa and couldn’t afford expensive medical checkups.”

Dr. Sujatha Reddy effusively thanked GINA, all the Doctors, nurses, technicians, and volunteers for their tireless efforts, for making the Health Fair event a grand success. “I’m glad to see so many people, from all walks of life, come to avail the opportunity to get free screenings & consultations with medical specialists. We have been hosting Health Fairs for a long time in different venues, and feel proud in serving the community”

' Apr-03-2019