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Dilip Tunki Running For
Johns Creek City Council Post 2.

by Bala Indurti

“There comes a morning in every man’s life, when the call of the lark and the early rays of the smiling sun fill the body with warm confidence and do the right thing. The right “thing” in this context is to pitch in earnestly to do the right work for Johns Creek and the man with the mission is Dilip Tunki. When Dilip announced his intention to run for the Johns Creek city council elections, all those who knew him could only say “what took you so long?”. The man’s track record of success and efficiency merits such an expectation. It is not just the number of things he takes on and works tirelessly- it is how he executes to perfection.

Some examples that come to mind: He was on the Chattahoochee High School governance council for three years as a budget chair, making his mark through the lifecycle of several endeavors – one of them was conceptualizing the idea of greenhouse to finding vendors, presenting it to Fulton County School board to overseeing the construction. As an executive board member and treasurer for Shelter of Love, a non-profit organization advocating against domestic violence and providing temporary support to the victims in shelters, he ensured that those in need of help and support were fully benefited from the available initiatives. He diligently completed the Citizens Fire Academy & Citizens Police Academy programs and is a proud graduate of Leadership Johns Creek, class of 2019. All this while working on his businesses and lending a helping hand for charitable activities across the country and internationally. It is easy to wonder how he does it and the answers are not hard to seek.

Knowledge and Attitude are clearly the pillars for building a fine character and the skillset for efficiency. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, masters in environmental engineering and an MBA in Finance from Georgia State University undoubtedly helped elevate these skills into an art form. His education and experience in engineering, management, operations and finance serve to guide him in making right decisions. Thinking clearly under stress is definitely his core competency, another skill that helps him do not only what is right but also do it in a way that is transparent and fair to the group at large. A competitor through and through, he channeled his energy positively into recreational activities too: completing several big hikes - summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal, Mount Elbert in Colorado and hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. He avidly plays recreational tennis and also ran few half marathons.

Sincere intentions, great skills to make things happen, dynamic energy level and a nose for running successful businesses- the perfect recipe for success for a person wishing to make a mark as our city council member.

As the election date approaches (Nov. 5th), Johns Creek city residents now have one more reason to build high expectations. The call of the morning lark helped set the wheels of purpose orient to public service. The overwhelming support of the city’s fine residents will ensure that the rays of hope will travel for many more years to come.”

' Oct-10-2019