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Chitti  -  Atlanta  |  Start : 10-Jan-2018  |  Last Reply: 10-Jan-2018  |  Views: 1798
Anamika Grocery at Kennesaw
outdated stock...most of them, and they won't give the money back! the cashier typed the price at the time of purchasing the groceries, they won't give the receipt also, they give the credit card processing slip only.. i noticed those all of them are outdated(a bagful of them!) .. when i tried to return the cashier scanned the items and the price came down drastically very low.. she even false accused me that i kept some of the items at home. i gave her the list of items which i kept, she did not took the items off of the total amount and started arguing with me. and she made me wait for other customers even though i came earlier than others. made me wait for a long time. Their restroom is very dirty and shelfs are very much non-organised. Totally i am very unhappy shopping there.. Be aware- Most of the items are outdated..

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