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 The Trinity Drama
On the lives of the three Great Composers of Carnatic Music –
Sri Syama Sastri, Sri Thyagaraja, and Sri Muthuswamy Bhagavathar
March 21, 2020, , 5 PM, 
Hindu Temple Auditorium, Riverdale

TRINITY has received an overwhelming response from packed
audiences across demographics including the Music , Theater &
Literary fraternity since its premier in Nov 2018. It is based on the
sensitive stories of Seetha Ravi on Carnatic music’s legendary
composers, Saint Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Shyama
Sastri, translated by Prabha Sridevan. By a wonderful coincidence, not
only were all three born the temple town of Tiruvarur in the mid-
18th Century, but lived AT THE SAME TIME in and around Thanjavur,
giving magnificent compositions to the world.
It is for the first ever time that “Live” Carnatic music is being
amalgamated into an English theatre production in India. The
characters themselves sing, making the entire presentation very
different to what our audiences have seen. And what is more,
celebrated musicians are coming together to play the main roles.
Vijay Siva is Muthuswami Dikshitar
Gayathri Venkataraghavan is Lalitha---Shyama Sastri’s wife
Dr. S.Sunder is Saint Thyagaraja
They are joined by a galaxy of well-known concert performers
….... Palghat Dr. R. Ramprasad, Vikram Raghavan , Bharat Narayan,
Abhinav Shankar and Mathangi Kailasanath.
The 3 short stories, each depicting an event, a movement, a moment
in the lives of these great composers are drawn with rare sensitivity
by Seetha Ravi….from fact…embellished by imagination.
Seetha Ravi herself is a torchbearer of a very rich tradition. The
granddaughter of the great “Kalki” Krishnamurthi, she is a noted
author and scholar. Her short stories have been published and
5 Here are the highlights
 Play runs for 95 minutes without a break
 The play explores 3 relationships – Guru and shishya, Husband
and wife and finally Father and daughter conveyed through
Music and a range of emotions.
Based on the stories of Seetha Ravi ( renowned and respected in
the Tamil literary scene) and grand-daughter of the great Kalki
 Translated to English by the renowned Justice ( Retd.) Prabha
 Dramatized and Directed by PC Ramakrishna who straddles two
worlds – music and theatre and 2019 marks his 50 years on
 TRINITY is ultimately a reverential tribute to the Tiruvarur-Three.