Donald Trump: The Lion King

Donald Trump's horoscope started appearing off an on on the jyotish (Vedic astrology) fraternity radar when he became a very strong contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. He was then being written off by the popular media and polling trends. But the jyotish community was not ready to undermine his Rahu-Mars dasa. The election results were to be announced before his Rahu-Mars dasa was ending   around 15th Nov. 2016.  The strong  raj-yoga (combination for power) caused by the  placement of Rahu-Mars in his horoscope was too loud and obvious to be ignored. Victory in the elections seemed very likely. At least a humiliating defeat, as predicted by popular polls, was not in the stars.

Now that he is the president of USA and  the most powerful person on planet earth,  let us take a look at him-astrologically.

Trump, Donald Gender: M
Birth name Donald John Trump
Born on 14 June 1946 at 10:54 (= 10:54 AM )
Place Jamaica Hospital Queens (Queens County), New York, USA 40n42, 73w4859
Time zone EDT h4w (is daylight saving time)
Rodden Rating AA

Vedic Horoscope

The rising sign (ascendant) in a horoscope is predominantly responsible for defining and shaping personality traits. The rising sign is subject to further influences from supplementary factors. Together, these factors then shape the mental,  philosophical, intellectual and mundane outlook  on things small and big. Most of the time these influences are contradictory in nature and thus tend to refrain from making someone a zodiac stereotype. Thus, an Aries is never 100% Aries and so on. But once in a while these  factors do join hands to enhance, punctuate and sharpen the core personality traits. Persons born under such planetary influences are destined to stand apart in a positive or negative manner.

Horoscope of Trump  is one such example.

His rising sign or the ascendant (lagna) is Leo.  This sign is said to be hot, dry, masculine, positive, bestial , barren and fixed.  Leo is symbolized by the lion- king of a jungle. Leo is ruled by Sun - king of the  zodiac.
Leo Traits:  Regality,  short tempered, arrogant in appearance and character, self-pride, generous, straightforward, dominating, energetic, unrelenting.

Supplementary factors reinforcing his Leo traits:
Ascendant star  Magha ruled by Ketu :  Outspoken, assertive, combative, forceful, audacious, sensual, impulsive, proud, short-tempered, undertakes lofty plan, will be worthy and have many servants.
Mars on ascendant: Ambitious, aspiring, assertive, bold, rash, commands respect.
Scorpio-Moon sign (janma rasi or the birth-sign) : Controlling, persistent, determined, ambitious, intelligent, practical, vindictive, logical, practical.
Birth star Jyestha:  Quick in action, bold, blunt, never hesitate to fight at least by words, resourceful, learned, indefatigable, practical, exaggeration, great marital heroes, those that are endowed with noble family, wealth and fame, will not have many friends, will be virtuous and exceedingly irritable.
Leo as 5th sign of Zodiac: Magnetic and influential, inventive and inspiring, fond of company and pleasurable pursuits, entertainment, prefers to be always in limelight, popular.

Therefore his personality, style of functioning , social, political, economic and other decisions would be largely  impacted by the above mentioned fiery elements.  

Tenth house of a horoscope is called the Karma Bhava. This house is  singularly responsible for karma one is destined to render in his/her lifetime. Karmic success and failure of great magnitude depends on this house. In the horoscope of Trump, his rising sign ruler ie Sun occupies the 10th house of Karma. Sun is in rapt conjunction  with Rahu (North Node). The Sun+Rahu combination in 10th  is forming a brilliant raj-yoga. Sun in 10th is excellent - but eclipsed by shadowy Rahu  is capable of casting ominous and dark shadows.  

In Vedic astrology the potential of good and bad yogas in a horoscope  are manifested on the timeline of mahadasa.

He took the oath and entered White House moment his Jupiter dasa (2017-2033) started. Jupiter by being in Chitra star ruled by Mars,and  being in Rahu sub  connects his ascendant and 10th house forming a first rate raj-yoga. Most of  planets, except Saturn,  in his chart carry a lot of fireworks. Therefore I do not foresee any dramatic shift in his style of functioning. Jupiter also aspects his 10th house making him fortunate and lucky. But his Jupter in Chitra makes it a strong badhaka (one that causes impediments)  planet as well. 
But  of all,  it is the Saturn  in his horoscope that is worst placed. It indicates impediments,  litigations, obstructions,  secret and hidden enemies, inimical activities, humiliation, litigation and  health issues. Saturn sub periods or sub sub periods need to be noted.
Therefore I am going to watch the following periods keenly:
21-Feb-2017 to 25-June-2017 Jupiter dasa-Jupiter bhukti-Saturn antara.
29-Dec-2018 to 24-May-2019 Jupiter dasa-Saturn bhukti-Saturn antara

Kailash Khandelwal

(Kailash is the publisher of Atlanta Dunia)