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Nritya Natya Kala Bharti’s 2019 Annual Concert
By: Fern Goodyear

Have you ever wondered about myths and legends from around the world, what they symbolize, how cultures formed around them? Nritya Natya Kala Bharti’s 2019 Annual Concert was ground zero for this discovery. The show displayed a brilliant collection of myths from the world, intricately woven into one another by the undisputed maestro and guru of Kathak dance, Kumud Savla. Set to the heart pounding beat and melting melodies of Sandeep Savla, the choreography of the evening’s performances kept equal pace with much variety and grace.

The evening’s collection included myths from India, with the rendition of Goddess Durga and Mother Ganga. The vibrant dress of the nine forms of Durga along with the backdrop brought the audience alive as Durga slayed Mahisasura. Mother Ganga flowed beautifully through the moves of Kathak and the enthusiasm of the dancers.

Among others, the evening also showcased Chinese myths of Yin and Yang, Native American legends of the origins of music and language, and famous Greek myths of four seasons, fire, and Pandora’s Box. The item depicting the story of Pandora’s Box was the icing on the cake. Kumud Savla’s command on footwork and grace reminded us that the humanity’s progress is dependent on the effervescent dance of Hope around us.


The Kathak segment was followed by the Bollywood segment, “Genres of Bollywood”, which depicted the diversity of Bollywood music. From the evergreen classics and the latest pop songs to world music, jazz, and rock and roll, NNKB performers beautifully showcased how Bollywood music has evolved over time.
NNKB simply raised the bar of presentations by bringing together the jaw dropping perfection of costumes, sets, and backdrops. Furthermore, the lighting and production elements managed by Sil Savla illuminated the stage beautifully. It was a clue to confidence of the performers that allowed them to expand their vision into highlighting other domains of performances that set them apart.

Led by Kumud and Sandeep Savla, it was delightful to see the entire NNKB team - Samta Savla, Manjula Devi, Anjali Tanna, Samaica Deshetty, and Vasanta Chivukula- bring yet another flawless performance to the citizens of Atlanta.

In addition to a fabulous show, NNKB partnered with Narayan Seva Sansthan to support a noble cause of sponsoring no cost surgeries for the differently abled in India and throughout the world. NNKB sponsored 301 surgeries and its collaboration with NSS was commended by Consul, Mr. Shailesh Lakhtakia and Mr. Robert Prater who formerly served as mayor of Warm Springs, GA. Narayan Seva Sansthan was represented by Executive Director, Manoj Barot, who gave an eye-opening presentation on the organization’s cause. For both the audience and performers it truly was an evening of bringing hope through dance!


' Jun-04-2019