Welcome to the Jyotish Notes section.

In this section I would be sharing my experiences and expertise in Jyotish vidya (Vedic astrology).  My interest in Jyotish started when I was 20 years old. I have created a Jyotish study-circle, edited a Jyotish publication; written a book that never saw the light of publication, created and sold   Jyotish software in India, and coded a Jyotish related website ( now defunct)  that became extremely popular.  I have been off and on with Jyotish.  

I am available for limited Jyotish consultations. That said, I am no instant astrologer and cannot analyze a horoscope by sleight of hand.  You can get in touch with me through the Contact page. You will get further instructions from me about the information I need from you. If you are looking for assurances such as 101% accurate predictions, all life problems solved in 24 hrs, jadoo-tona, dakini-shakini, witchcraft, this is not the right place for you.

Jyotish is known as Vedanga - a part of Veda. Our shastras, yoga, tantra, and mantra, are full of both subtle and unambiguous references to Jyotish-vidya.  The converse is equally true. The horoscope of a person is a blueprint of their acquired karma as well as a mirror reflecting where they are along the spiritual path. Therefore the articles in this section are bound to have several references to various spiritual traditions and practices within the ambit of Hinduism.


* Kailash is also the publisher of Atlanta Dunia