Art As Commerce

What Jyotish has to Say on Music, Dance, Acting as a Career

When my sister was growing up, a music teacher was hired to train her in music. During those years, for the trading community which I was born into, the real music was the sound of money. However, it was believed that learning music enhanced the matrimonial prospects of a girl. We were a renowned, affluent family and the music teacher was happy to render his services to us. For many years, I would see him visit our house and impart music lessons to many young female members of our joint family. To my eyes he seemed lost in some different world as his body language had some kind of rhythm. Notwithstanding the fact that he was the best music teacher in town, he remained poor and I am sure he died in utter poverty and misfortune. During those years choosing a form of creative expression such as music, dance, drama or poetry as the main career meant a sure future in poverty, miseries and misfortunes.

But with the turning of Kaalachakra tables have turned in favor of these vocations. Today a career in performing arts can generally bring one reasonable financial security; and in many cases it is a passport to name, fame, money and success.
In Jyotish the 5th house of the Kaalpurush (celestial zodiac) represents all forms of creative self-expression. India's contribution in this filed is immense; but with a difference. Keeping with India's obsession with a holistic view of life, all forms of art were used as tools for meditation. Music is used in Laya yoga; drama/story-telling for imparting spiritual values; painting/sculpture for decorating temples; and dance (e.g.Bharatnatyam) is said to have originated from Nataraj (Lord Shiva). Dance is deemed as the best because it emerges from the body of the dancer and vanishes when the dancer stops - illustrating Tantra's approach to spiritual evolution using the body as the primary vehicle. The dance of Nataraj is symbolic of the perpetual cycle of manifestation (prakasha) and dissolution (vimarsha), - both as a joyous expression (leela) of Sadashiva/ Brahman/ Purusha for   Swantah Sukhaya (the joy of being).  Thus artistic endeavor becomes a kind of spiritual practice that one undertakes in solitude, and hence the concept of public performance is rare in the shastras. Additionally, all forms of art were attributed to goddess Saraswati representing vidya-labh and not dhan-labh (material gains). 
In Kundalini shastra the Anahata or the heart-chakra is said to bestow one with god-gifted ability to express the Swantah Sukhaya joy using various forms of arts.  Thus artists are also said to be more heart-centric, emotional, sensitive, polite and spiritual-minded (though I have had all kinds of contradictory experiences).
Modern media has dramatically enhanced the importance of 5th house in a horoscope. Today, leading artists in just about any field of performing arts rake in millions of dollars a year. Artistic ability is generally a sure ticket to decent earnings, success and popularity. However, one of the things that have always amazed me about 5th house/ creativity is one particular performing art - cine acting - that seems to demand only minimal skills and no formal training. Nevertheless, it is the most sought-after domain and offers the best chances for one to become multi-millionaire, world-famous and with huge twitter following in no time.  Thus, no wonder that there is a mad rush to get a foothold in the acting business that promises overnight stardom.  
Long back, one of my cousins in his teen years ran away from home, taking some money and a music player.  He took a long-journey to Mumbai to try his luck in the film industry, hoping for instant stardom. After reaching Mumbai, he got himself a stylish hair-cut and bought a pair of goggles before visiting various film studios.  He was convinced that, apart from some luck, those were the only 'skills' one needed to become a superstar.

So what is astrologically needed to have a successful performing arts career?

1. 5th house represents all forms of creative self-expression. 
2. Many art forms will demand by-birth or acquired skill such as instrumental or vocal music, painting, dance or sculpture. Venus needs to be strong otherwise one would only reach the status of a B, C or D grade artist. It is another story that these days even D grade artists get a chance to go on a world-tour. 
3. Connection to the 10th house (house of profession and also how one is publicly seen) creates the necessary potential and the chances for one to choose or get into performing arts in the public domain. Otherwise it would remain as a strong hobby appreciated amongst a circle of rasika friends.
4. Mars gives the courage to overcome stage-fright.  
5. The 6th house helps win over competitors. If one is participating in Indian Idol or other similar shows with a competitive edge, 6th house need to be strong.
7. The 11th house is the house of networking, circle of friends, fans and well-wishers. 11th house would determine the number of Facebook Likes and the Twitter following one would have.

And last but not the least is the 3rd house representing media and all forms of publicity including social media. Keep them in good humor. No yogas are required for this as this is just common sense.



One of the unique patterns many Jyotishis seem to have missed while analyzing the chart of this legendary singer is the way almost all the planets are strongly connected with Venus and the 5th house. 

Bhav Chalit Chart

1. Lagna (ascendant is Taurus ruled by Venus)
2. Moon in the star of Mercury in 5th. Mercury in Libra ruled by Venus.
3. Mars in Libra ruled by Venus. Mars in his own star in 5th.
4. Mercury in Libra ruled by Venus. Mercury in star of Mars in 5th.
5. Jupiter in Taurus ruled by Venus. Jupiter in Mars' star in 5th.
6. Venus in Ketu's star in 5th.
7. Saturn in Ketu's star in 5th.
8. Rahu in Mars star's in 5th.
9. Ketu in Libra ruled by Venus. Ketu in 5th.