Remedial Measures in Jyotish: The Mystical Anka-Yantras

I recently watched an interesting documentary on Netflix dealing with a mathematical model of the universe. You can also read an equally interesting article here: Everything in the Universe Is Made of Math – Including You.  
These hypotheses are proposed by scientists of extraordinary intellect and caliber. Whether you agree with the particular hypothesis or not, it would lead you to ponder over and appreciate the mysteries of mathematics at a deep level. 

In Jyotish the role of mathematical numbers finds its most mysterious expression in what is known as Anka-Yantra.
Most of these Anka-Yantras are laid down in square grid fashion. The grids have numbers that, when added from any angle, result in the same cumulative total.  These Anka-Yantras are commonly visible on the walls of shop owners. There are many things about the Anka-Yantra that make a major departure from the traditional Yantras constructed using triangles and circles.

At the heart of the conventional Yantra sits the Bindu depicting the manifestation of Adi Shakti.  Anka Yantras do not use geometrical shapes other than the square and do not use Bindu anywhere. 

There have been a few instances where I have seen Anka-Yantras serve as a very effective remedial measure. Convinced about the efficacy of Anka-Yantra, I invested a lot of time into exploring the principles that govern such Yantras. The best I could find was some scattered references to the Nath (Gorakhnath) tradition. 

Anka-Yantras are also less demanding (based on what I have observed) in terms of installation and method of worship. Not many rituals are called forth. 

The Sanskrit word ‘Yantra’ means a machine for accomplishing a certain enterprise. Just like the graphic card on a computer is designed to accomplish a certain task when infused with power, so is the power of Yantras activated through installation rituals.
Anka-Yantras cover a wide range of remedies (upaya) in jytoish; are easy to consecrate,  very effective and less costly compared to precious gemstones.