Jyotish Shloka

Pran Pratishthapana of the New Radha Krishna Temple and Community Center

Horoscope of the Community Center

It is customary in Jyotish vidya (Vedic astrology) for books to begin by invoking the name of God or the Planets as a part of  divine blessings.
We started finalizing these Jyotish pages around Janamastami 2015, coinciding with the Prana Prathistha (consecration) ceremony of the newly constructed Radha Krishna Temple and Community Center at Duluth, Georgia USA.

Keeping with the noble jyotish tradition, and invoking the divine blessings of  Shree Radha-Krishna, the horoscope of the Community Center is given below.

*Day light saving time (DST) correction applied.

Moon mahadasa ends on April-2016; Mars mahadasa ends by 2023; Rahu mahadasa by ends 2041

K S Krishnamurti, the father of modern stellar astrology system popularly known as Krishnamurti Padhdhati or KP, has mentioned that the horoscope of an organization has to be analyzed like the way it is done for an individual person. ( It is to be noted that Jyotish K S Krishnamurti is not related or connected to renowned philosophers: J. Krishnamurti or U G Krishnamurti)
Thus, ground-breaking (Shilanyasa) ceremony of this organization in December 2013 can be seen as the symbolic announcement of the moment of conception which embarks on a journey culminating into the "birth" of an entity . This is applicable to any business or organization. Just like a parent might have multiple children, each with their own karmic destiny; similarly a parent organization may also have multiple centers. Each will have its own course of destiny to fulfill.

Let us briefly analyze the chart of the Yugal Kunj Community Center in the light of Stellar Jyotish.
The very first thing that stands out is the exchange of signs between Venus and Moon.
Venus is the ruler of the ascendant (Libra) placed in the 10th house in the sign of Cancer ruled by Moon.
And the exalted Moon is placed in 8th house in the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus.
Thus, there is a strong handshake between Venus and Moon; and also between ascendant of 10th and 8th house.
Ascendant + Moon in any horoscope fundamentally governs the very basic purpose nature/objectives/traits of an individual or an organization.
Venus signifies beauty, the Roopa and all forms of art. Moon represents the mind signifying the predominant  inclinations of  a person or an entity.
Both planets are feminine. Together they link the 1st, 10th and 8th house.
In any spiritual undertaking, when the ruling planets are predominantly feminine, it almost invariably means Bhakti.
Moon in the sign ruled by Venus and Nakshatra ruled by Rohini is said to bring forth endeavors related to:
Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Literature , Public function.
This kind of combination ( such as Moon+Venus or Venus+Moon) is a powerful yoga frequently found in the horoscopes of people related to fine arts.
However, connection to the 8th house - the House of Mysteries, gives it a metaphysical tone. (This kind of combination in the 5th rather than 8th house produces artists in the public domain: writers, musicians, singers; painters, actors etc..)  

In their public pronouncements/ media outreach, the Center announced its primary objective to be a hub for community activities encouraging music, art, drama, dance, literature , public function (Moon+Venus) around spiritual development.

Measure of Success
In Stellar Astrology the houses: 1; 2; 3; 6; 10; 11 are deemed as the best houses for overall success. These houses are related to expansion, receipts, donations, income, name, fame and prosperity.
In Chalit Chakra
Sun in the star of Venus is placed in the 10th house.
Rahu in the star of Sun is in the 10th house.
Mars in the star of Mercury is placed in the 11th house .
Venus in the star of Mercury is in the 11th house .
Saturn in the star of Saturn is in the 1st house.
Ketu in the star of Saturn is in the 1st house .

Mercury in the star of Moon is placed in the 8th house.
Moon in the star of Moon is placed in the 8th house.
Jupiter in the star of Ketu is in the 5th house.

Six out of the nine planets are strongly connected to beneficial houses, indicating a very strong potential for overall success and prosperity.
Ascendant sub lord Saturn is placed in ascendant in its own star. Ascendant indicates the efforts one makes. Slow moving Saturn represents steadfast and solid progress.
The 8th house, however from Worldly point of view, brings in unexpected pressures and hindrances. Irrespective of the intent and purpose, any organization has to meet the mundane demands of the world. The 8th house is not deemed to be favorable from this angle.

Thus, during Moon and Mercury periods or sub periods 8th house results will manifest into organizational changes, pressures about some commitment issues, obstacles and hindrances.
Mars’ period starts from May 2016 for 7 years. Mars in 10th house (name, fame) is strongly connected with 11th (receipts/income/new ties and networking) and 12th (expenses).
Mars is also called as Bhumi karaka (signifying lands/construction).
Thus, those seven years would see increase in income/receipts/donations and also expenses involving expansion and construction. Mars in 10th represents people in power and authority indicating such new ties. Name and fame would increase. However, until Mars dasa ends in 2023, expense will outweigh the donation.
The Moon-Mercury and Mercury-Moon sub periods during any mahadasa would invariably bring organizational challenges.
Major period of Rahu (after 2022)   promises grand success.