WAVE Global
Memory & Mind Science Workshop

Ripples of Revolution Created by WAVE Global LLC in Atlanta (Suwanee), GA. One of the fastest growing counties in the United States of America experienced something much BIGGER this week. WAVE Global LLC, www.waveinternationalgroup.org  an organization founded on the core belief that everyone in the world has at least 10 times more potential than what gets realized or unleashed during their lifetime. The untapped or dormant potential stays so because education systems in most parts of the world lean towards grading and rating systems to measure effectiveness. This approach keeps focus only on the information required for grades.  This grading based approach potentially deprives the world of creativity, clarity, innovation, new inventions, new discoveries because our future generation is too busy trying to secure higher grades instead of unleashing their higher possibilities.

WAVE Global LLC believes academic excellence and professional success can be easily attained if we shift our approach from the current input based learning system that focuses only on certain subjects & topics to an outcome focused learning that helps bring about the qualities we seek from our future generations, such as confidence, courage, courtesy, fairness, accountability, Love, and Peace. WAVE framework (Wisdom Anchored Values Education) was developed by its founder, Mr. Mohan Naidu after more than 20 years of experience implementing it in his personal and professional life as a successful management consultant in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North-America. WAVE Global LLC workshops teaches three fundamental things; Learning to learn, Minding the mind, and thinking how to think. Participants learn the art of learning, how to control the mind’s wandering nature and get it to stay focused, and how to apply memory techniques, critical, creative, analytical, lateral, out-of-box thinking for decision making with clarity. The Memory & Mind Science workshop ‘Program your Brain & Mind for Success’ organized in Atlanta (Suwanee), GA last week has shown mesmerizing results. 39 participants including children & teens (7yrs to 17 yrs.) attended the 5 day workshop camp last week in Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Suwanee.

WAVE Global LLC is now taking this very powerful workshop next to Denver-CO. Details of the upcoming workshop and more information about WAVE Global LLC can be found at www.waveinternationalgroup.org . Participants in Atlanta, GA are eagerly awaiting next series of workshops so parents, teachers and students can continue to experience the transformational results and sustain the high quality of learning they received during the workshops.

From the ripples that were created by WAVE Global LLC in Atlanta, GA in last week for 5 days, we can predict a Tsunami of high quality learning that will be sweeping communities across United States and eventually around the world, with joyful learning, delightful parenting and outcome focused teaching, all leading to manifestation of a highly evolved society.